Air Pollution Control Plant (APC)

We’re revolutionizing steelmaking with a laser focus on the safety of our people and planet. Our advanced air pollution control plant (APC) doesn’t just capture furnace emissions – it cleans them, safeguarding our team and the environment. Our commitment to quality and international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and 18001) ensures you’re getting the best.

Finest Imported Scrap

We import the world’s finest scrap – HMS 1, Shredded 211, and CRC Bundle Scrap from Europe, the US, the Middle East, Australia, and African regions to elevate your construction projects. It’s all about collaborating to build something great.

Automatic Continuous Casting Machine

We craft steel billets, up to 450 metric tons a day, ranging from 100mm X 100mm to 150mm X 150mm. Our cutting-edge 15 MT induction furnace, the latest 20-ton furnace, and a three-stand 6/11 radius continuous casting machine ensure each billet is a masterpiece.

High-speed Continuous Rolling Mill Line

Our fully automatic, high-speed continuous rolling mill can handle 200,000 MT of rebars annually, ensuring top-notch surface quality, precision sizing, and exceptional strength. With a remarkable twenty-one stand configuration and a rapid 14 m/s speed, we’re here to set new standards in steel production.

Exceptional Steel Quality

Our seasoned experts utilize modern technology to ensure our steel surpasses international standards. From our advanced Spectro Lab, guaranteeing precise chemical composition, to rigorous mechanical testing using the UTM machine and the precision of our CNC notching machine for superior rib patterns—every step is dedicated to delivering you steel that’s as exceptional as your vision.
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