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Moiz Steel, a business unit of Almoiz Industries Limited, is a prominent player in the steel industry of Pakistan. As part of the esteemed Almoiz Industries Limited, which boasts a rich legacy of over 50 years, Moiz Steel upholds a strong reputation for excellence and integrity.

Almoiz Industries Limited is an integral component of a diverse industrial conglomerate with interests spanning the sugar, beverages, energy, steel, animal feed, and textiles sectors.

Almoiz Industries Limited

Almoiz Industries Limited excels in sugar manufacturing, exporting power, producing steel, and manufacturing animal feed by upholding a commitment to high-quality standards and continuous innovation.

The Thal Industries Corporation Limited

Publicly listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Thal Industries Corporation Limited are the finest exporter of sugar and power. They’re the name you can trust, from ultra-white refined sugar to biofertilizers.

Moiz Textile Mills Limited

From domestic to international markets, Moiz Textile Mills Limited’s yarn is renowned for craftsmanship that speaks for itself.

Wiztec Food Solutions

Wiztec Food Solutions, a subsidiary of Almoiz Industries Ltd, made waves with its cutting-edge approach to food dehydration. With over 50 years of rich history, they’re leading the way in Pakistan’s agro-based industries with top-quality dehydrated products, all in a pollution-free, natural setting.

Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited

Baba Farid Sugar Mills, is the leading producer of sugar in Punjab. Located in Okara, this mill has a crushing capacity of 560,000 metric tons on operating days while 8.7 MW power generation, all aimed at delivering quality refined sugar and valuable by-products.

Naubahar Bottling Company (Pvt.) Limited

Naubahar Bottling Company (Pvt.) Limited holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s largest PepsiCo bottling franchise. Situated in Gujranwala, the company has AIB International and FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certifications while recently being honoured with NFEH Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2023.
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